Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life'sBloopers: Get to know me..

Hi y’all! I've been trying to blog before but I wasn't taking it seriously and now, I created a new one and decided to keep it up for a year. YEAH! I’m ready to make my very first blog post and I’m very excited but a wee bit nervous! lol.

Allow me to introduce myself first just like the first day of school!! Haha

I'm Gringgo, 22 years old from the Philippines and YES! Pinoy and Proud ..

I'm into...







.and a lot more!

I would say I'm kinda fond of gadgets but I don’t have a cellphone right now. I know, its weird right? lol

I guess this will be all for now because I just want to make a short introduction of myself for you to know that I is Real and I Exist ;p

Remember that we must appreciate every aspect of our LIFE, BLOOPERS are mistakes! Just laugh n' learn from it.

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  1. So you are the optimistic kind of person, I guess? :)